How to make a double rainbow loom fishtail bracelet.

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TheKingofza says:

that’s not a fishtail

Kalie Nichole says:

thats a double not a fishtail

Angelina Rivera says:

That’s a double dumbass

Ariana Miranda says:

That’s a double single bracelet stupid

connor dalgaard says:

I love this bracelet!!

miranda anderson says:

This is really good!

Kera Harrington says:

BlaZe ClaN that is really mean

Josie123D says:

Nice! Do you kiss your mom with that trash mouth?

BlaZe ClaN says:

you suck so much you should feel really bad because you suck and its a double you retard

Josie123D says:

i know

Jessica Getchell says:

That’s a double ._.

Daniel Riina says:

This stinks so much

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