Rainbow Loom Creations

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Crazy about Rainbow Loom? Wait until you meet this little girl. She has all these amazing designs. So many, that she can’t keep track of them. This is a really good video for those looking for design ideas.


Sheri Jacobs says:

I’ll try

sclahane says:

Can you make a video on the pocketbook

Sheri Jacobs says:

I will make a tutorial just for you! How does that sound?

Caileigh Wagner says:

how do u make the wave?

Sheri Jacobs says:

What would you like?

justus dutton says:

Your cool I want that

EstherBunny Bunny says:

Awesome Video! 😀 You seem to be really good at making those!! 😀

Sheri Jacobs says:


Lindsay Hill says:


Lindsay Hill says:

Ewe your foot

Caileigh Wagner says:

im guessing you might have 100 and I love to make the bracelets too.

Sheri Jacobs says:

Thank you

TheMonkeysrock110 says:

nice looms

Sheri Jacobs says:

I can’t really count

Caileigh Wagner says:

how many bracelets do u have?

Sheri Jacobs says:

Sorry! My dad was on the phone and had a guest down stairs

clarence jackson says:

man if your speaking so low this must be classified or something.

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