~New Rainbow Loom Creations~

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Hope you enjoyed! Please watch my collection video(: Instagram:kawaiicrafter9 Rainbow loom Instagram: @colorful_braceletss.


Emily Dowings says:

flower charm please

Hailey Hewitt says:

offically loomed made that bid starburst one super cool

Kerry Jo Lundmarkking says:

Your voice is so cute

Amanda Rodas says:

I made the unicorn too and it took me an hour!!!! But it wAs worth it !!
Btw I like your creations!

WillCraft Bosch says:

OMG look at this, someone has a lot of spare time.

Camille Fuller says:

Those bracelets are so pretty I love them

Liam Russell says:

i know i made the triple single but i couldnt figure out the ”extension”
part and the twisty wizty bracelet i think Charlan Ben is the advanced

Button'sWorld says:

They are all really nice and even though some of the charms are simple they
are really cute!

Jordyn Dozler says:

Great video

Faith Shelor says:

People make these kind of videos to show off

Jacky Goryan says:

cra-z-loom or rainbow loom

Damaine Thomoson says:

What the fuck how u make dem charms

ttheo Mannie says:

how come you only have charms

Nicole Gourley says:

The one you “made up” is a starburst, I can tell seriously it is I’m not

evan hanna says:

i love the cool panda braclet you made is cute

Clarissa Jade says:

you shouldn’t say those are your new creations you didnt actually create
the design

Tiff Small says:


nessa grace says:

how did you make the unicorn one it is so cute and looks really cool

Liam Russell says:

can u do a tutorial on the twisty wizty bracelet and the triple single
please (:

nathalie maddock says:

wow thats a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Celestino says:

Great video !

Stephanie Morrison says:

How did u make the ghost ???????

Cristian says:

Some of them are really cool 

lia kaka says:

Can I have all the ones you don’t want I mean buy it please lol yolk your

Steph Duke says:

Crazy daisy

Adrian sevilla says:


Cierra Smith says:

you sound like Alanjra 

coolguy1209 says:

you didn’t create these

lizzie sarquilla says:

when i tryed to make a mustaus but my hook brook 🙁 it happened twice

Bella Kate says:

You made a lot of ghosts charms!

Melanie Pruitt says:


worldofagbeauty says:

you are really good!!!

Sophia Nunez says:

Double starburst

amanda lee says:

Nice video.I loved your creations.They look really hard to make and I don’t
have that much time to make it. :/

Laura Sun says:

Larry Roberts made a tutorial on the double crossed starburst

Sophia's Loom Art says:

I loved all of them there so pretty❤️

Robert Haney says:

Can I have one

Leilani Hughes says:

Can you do a skinny 4 cuff bracelet

Olivia Scallions says:

You are so good at making bracelets

Ashley Allen says:


Jezthecat says:

Do the tutorials on those ones you made up please they look so cool and I
want to learn how to make them

Morgan Smith says:

Nice job and unicorn

Amrolude Ayinke says:

Dang!! That’s a lot of bracelets.

Audrey Howard says:

Double cross double starburst 

Millow Mine says:


patti degrande says:

try making starburst ladder fishtail sally sin stripe fishtail single
triplesingle charm triplefishtail and triplestarburst all together like i
did. so beat that lol lol lol

Jordyn Purple says:

Could i please do rainbow loom tutorials? Thanks

Justin Latez says:

Can U Make A Crazy Daisy Charm

Alexa Borja says:

Plz do all tutorials except for unicorn

IHas Cookie says:

Omg they are all so pretty! Good job

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