Spiral Wrap Fishtail Bracelet on Rainbow Loom or Monster Tail

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This rainbow loom bracelet was designed by Rob at Justin’s Toys and is an intermediate level design. On the center of the bracelet, there is a fishtail and out the outside there are links that…


Janice Wee says:

i have done most of ur bracelets and it AWESOME cant wait to see ur big

justinstoys says:

Brand New Design by Rob

TheEnderMan says:

My bracelet keeps coming out wrong D: the spiral always is on one side and

Kerry Jo Lundmarkking says:

The brown and green one looks like a tree

rainbow loom says:

I’m going to make it

ready2run2006 says:

This is so cool! 

Kerry Jo Lundmarkking says:


Aiden Champagne says:

GOOD JOB! GREAT TUTORIAL! keep making AMAZING bracelets

Charles Mady says:

Next time can u ONLY make it on the monster tail loom?

Angela Sabzevari says:

Can you try to make it on a rainbow loom

michelle phifer says:

Very nice bracelet. I absolutely love it. It was not hard at all. Looking
forward to more designs. I hope it’s soon and more flat bracelets

Evan Packer says:

Ur videos are by far the most helpful vids ever I have struggled with
making bracelets but ever since I saw ur vids I haven’t thx :)

Lindsey Jade says:

Justin’s toys!
Not robs!
Still love the videos

Ismael Nunez says:

Can we use the monster tail??

Savannah Price says:

I love these!! I also love the snakebelly which I have made like 8 of. Keep
em’ coming. I’m ready for another challenge! 

Kyoko Sakura says:


Rosbush Ofthefuture says:

That is EPIC

Jasmine Sai says:

Thanks a lot! You helped me make 3 kinds of these 

doughnuts fan says:

Epic me make

Victor Jabrial says:

Can you make a storage video?

Mikae Mendoza says:

Justin’s toy, aletta lee always copy your vids

Alora Hetherington says:

Ilov it

Victoria H says:

So much easier on the monster tail

Erika Kitchie says:

This is really great! I’m gonna try this later.

Gymnasicsupervidstar says:


Sylphinator says:

Love it as always =D

MeandHer says:

It really spices up the regular fishtail!

Starleisha Driver says:

Thx i did it on my fingers!

Marisol Ramirez says:

Nice job

Andrea Osorio says:

I just did it , it is really easy to make

Sarah Anderson says:

Loving all your designs! Thanks for making such good tutorials 😀 

bobo rox says:

Super cool design!

Adriel Santana says:


Steggs Starostecki says:


Audrey Harrell says:

I love Justin’s toys!

Cjustin213 says:

Looks amazing

armin yazdani says:

Hi I love u

Claudia Pêgo says:


Rainbow Loom Girl says:

Wow it turned out awesome. Thanks ! Please look at my channel if u have
time….thanks again!

Michelle Ho says:

sooo cool. ^_^

Patricia lovesu says:

it looks really cool with glow in the dark spiral 

SpencerVDS says:

i made it is cool

Minerva Chavez says:


AnneTopp2506 says:

Very cool!!! I’m gonna try this

Ems Stuffz says:


LoomLife07 says:

Hey! I love to loom and I just started my YouTube channel today which is
5/17/14! May you stop by my channel and watch my very first tutorial? And
hopefully subscribe? Thanks :)

Erika Kitchie says:

This is really great! I’m gonna try this later.

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