Rainbow Loom – Fishtail Bracelet

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Easy step-by-step tutorial for weaving a fishtail design rainbow loom bracelet. http://tassieandviolet.blogspot.com/


Paola Duran says:

Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a tutorial for this!

cassandra ouo says:


Annie Anna says:

You helped me so much thank you!!!!!

mariana del rio says:

One of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen!! Thank you and I subscribed !

Emma Tramontana says:

you explained perfectly but i have no talent :b

Tassie Violet says:

Hi Zoey,

Continue weaving until there is only one band left on a peg. Take the last loop off, hold it secure until you put the C ring on. Hope this helps.

Laye Quez says:


Ariana Miranda says:

Awesome I love it is this the mini rainbow loom bracelet

Kimberly Hribal says:

really great job! I love the finished product!

Zoey Rocks says:

how do you remove the bracelet from the loom

Tassie Violet says:

Of course I could make more tutorials and I am glad it helped.

Maddy Sheeran-Mars says:

Hi Kate! It’s your cousin Maddy. I showed this video to Haley, and she really liked it. I liked it too. It was a lot of help to her. If you could, could you make more of these tutorials to help us make bracelets? Thanks! 🙂

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