How to make a fishtail rainbow loom bracelet

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Here is a video on how to make a fishtail rainbow loom bracelet. For more tutorials on these bracelets comment below ones for me to make a video on! Thanks f…


Ellie Stout says:

Mine turned out AWESOME and instead of a c-clip I used a tiny little cupcake charm and I just want to thank you soo much it really helped

Maya Elgavisch says:

Great Job I did great with this bracelet I finally got it. Please post more videos of how to do rainbow loom stitches

hai im holly says:

Thanks so much! I understand every part. Great video

Tristan Baumgartner says:

I made a lot of these bracelets

Em McCarrick says:

do a dobble triple

Stephanie Kurowski says:

Oh wow! Thanks! You rock!

Abby Fieldhouse says:

So easy

zubairbilli says:

That is sooooo easy

gardellak says:

Thank you for posting this, it was much easier to understand (and do) than some others I’ve looked at! 🙂

Alex Hernandez says:

Lololol “ASHLEY!!!”

Kaylynn Philliber says:

Good vid

lugergre says:

I live in Montreal, and I got mine at Jack & Jill. Also, this video helped a lot, thanks!

Ashley Steph says:

i got mine at learning express but i heard you can get it at hallmark, but im not too sure and thanks 🙂

ChelleChocolate says:

Awesome! Where did you get the kit?

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