How to make a zippy chain bracelet ( rainbow loom)

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Julia P says:

It worked but I thought it would look cooler it just looks like a regular braclet with more rubber bands

hales259 says:

i had to make some slight changes because it broke at the end but it still worked

Morgan Zvolska says:

I meant dislike if you agree

Morgan Zvolska says:


Monkeys10827 says:

U did not do some thing right when I took it off it didn’t work

Alyssa Mclaughlin says:

You have bed bugs!!! Running

Jenny Lefcourt says:

do it to show us because my bracelet didn’t work

Hope Sprake says:

I’m sorry but u should make another video showing you actually doing it instead of telling us where to go its really hard because you don’t explain very vividly. I had to stop and it took me a while to get to the looping part 🙁

patandmat12 says:

Thanks it worked

Jasmin Calsidia says:

U should show u doing a little part of each or else it confuses us

jonthan sinocchi says:

Did not work?

jujub719 says:

it didnt work what the heck

Michael Magielnicki says:

No effence but it didn’t work

cruio says:

Are you a boy or a girl

izzy crosby says:

thanks that worked great!

fitchs says:

Sorry mine broke lol I got frustrated lol I subbed

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