3-D Happy Rainbow Tutorial by feelinspiffy (Rainbow Loom)

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Suzy's Challenges says:

Like if your under 301!:)

feelinspiffy says:


Masha Mashikata says:

hey feelin, i was wondering if you could please make a 3d happy cactus and
a 3d happy leaf. also, i love the rainbow you made!
>.< thank youuu

Olivia Cookie says:

Not the best thing .. Kinda chunky but still a little cute 🙂 

Rainbow Loominar says:

+feelinspiffy Hello (: I love your page, and your creations! May I ask how
do you design these? What resources do you use to come up with your designs
and how do you create these on the loom without a pattern and how do people
create 3D rainbow loom designs and know how to make it come to completion,
can you explain the process and how I would go about creating my own 3D
rainbow loom things and do you have any resources?

Im Yoon-Ah says:

I reallg love this dsign BTW its hard to make but its worth to make brought
my new rainbow colors “YEAH”! Must make another one I makefour of this so I
will make another tow using pastel bands I also make a yarn version of this
and your hook only rainbow I just love this BTW I really love rainbowso I
will make four more in total I make 10 rainbows so BYE MAKE MORE BEAUTIFUL

Theresa Schmidt says:

Ihr reading in the naight??? I`m from Germany It`s halfe past eight!!

michelle williams says:

Do you have a posting schedule?

sparkle16100 says:

Can you make a buzz lightyear?

CraftEasy says:

I love u and ur rainbow loom videos thnx for all the time u wasted for us i
had a request can u make a 3d happy fortune cookie plz thnx +feelinspiffy

Estefania Ramirez Navarro says:

I finished mine today and looks beautiful 🙂 

Aleasha Perry says:

Hiw do you come up with these creations…not saying bad, I mean I LOVE
them! :)

Melissa Lynn says:

Omg super excited to make this.But i am gonna use purple orange and not
sure the other.But so excited to start tomorrow. Thanks ♡

Cj's crafts and everything says:

I didn’t think this was super band heavy compared to designs other people
have been making. 

Tamika Cheek says:

I wish I can make one of these. 

Elisabetta Agnati says:

Hi my name is Elisabetta I would loke to ask you an information: can you
make this wonderful rainbow for me?

Crazy-Loom says:

Can you make a happy slice of birthday cake? That would just be SO awesome!

Juliette Boskeljon says:

And maybey a big hase i dont knwo the english name of haas

Crystal Lau says:

Love it,this is awesome and amazing

Janine van de Pol says:

Make a happy heart for valentine’s day please?! 

Kathy Hua says:

I love this rainbow! 4th view

Abigail Marsh says:

Thanks so much for doing the tutorial on the cute rainbow! I managed to
make it easily I went to Michael’s and it did not want opaque bands for the
blue and purple so I brought the jelly purple and blue of Rainbow loom and
the rest from Michael’s and it is so adorbs! Loved so much by me thank you
Ellen ♥♥:-) 

VlogitGirls VIG says:

I know this kinda weird to ask but I was wondering if you could have a RB

Molly Stahl says:

I will make him very soon I’m in the middle of making a 3d baby poodle from
how to loom you dragon I haven’t forgotten about you:D!!!!!!

Rashdah Akhtar says:

Could u make a loom band 3D rainbow loom plz I think it would look super
cool or maybe a 3D best friend heart for my BFF plz 

Angelina DuBois says:

You should make a happy M&M I think it would be awesome! Plus keep up the
good work!

Lyda Crossen says:

Can you please please do a tour of where you do all of you rainbowlooming
and create the designs cuz that would be AMAZING


Crystal Heart says:

Can you make happy kale???

gymnastloomer101 says:

Also could you please consider making a happy slice of cake,cotton
candy,and a potato:-)

jessy langford says:

Can you please do a happy rose for Valentine’s Day or a Cupid so many
people have already done different types of hearts xxxxx

Julia56511 says:

If you use all opaic bands will it still be as squishy? Somebody- anybody
please reply!

Nick Ross says:

you should make am m&m feelinspiffy

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