*NEW* How to make a rainbow loom starburst bracelet

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Teaching you how to make a NEW rainbow loom starburst bracelet! ALSO THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 200 SUBS! ­čÖé


J Den says:

Your´╗┐ great at expamling

Kylee Sorady says:

Did not work´╗┐

tess69400 says:

I tried my hardest to make´╗┐ this but I couldn’t it kept getting messed up.!

Xoangie12 says:

u can buy it in amazon or in twistz bandz we site nd around 14.00 and up. you can also buy refills for the´╗┐ rubber bandz

mclibgirl says:

Good job! What a cute craft for kdis or adults. ´╗┐ I’ve not seen this before. Where do you get the loom and rubber bands?

Debbie Swanson says:

You really did a great job on´╗┐ this turorial

Linchos Gordita says:

Nobody cares that ur going´╗┐ to florida:

TallyBearTiff says:

where can´╗┐ i buy that thingie/loom thing lol? and how much?!

Kylee Sorady says:

So´╗┐ cool

Brianna Rose says:

this is an amazing bracelet and I thank you for posting this video because I would have never know about this bracelet and its amazing and I love the design !!´╗┐

Carolina Fernandez says:

I´╗┐ made it! It came out great!

Samiz Simz says:

you get them at learning express´╗┐ or at some kind of craft store. or get them on amazon

nutts17 says:

that’s right, nobody can believe about this quickly. and i can tell u, i got nicely shocked when a check came for $300 after I read the emails and did surveys for a week!. its worth a´╗┐ try here: bit.ly151Vi3D

xxbroadwaybabexx03 says:

so amazing´╗┐ so easy

Christina Powell says:

You look fermiller Carlypaige13.´╗┐

sizesexy01 says:

Where do I buy the kit?´╗┐

sizesexy01 says:

Omg I have to try this´╗┐

Sue Gallagher says:

Great Job!!! I totally get it now ­čÖé You made it look so easy. Now I’m gonna try it. We’ll see?? haa´╗┐

Christina Powell says:


cowgirl4110 says:


rocklouveable says:

I loove´╗┐ that!
I’m french and i would like to know what is the name of your “instrument” you used , and where can i buy it ? Please ­čÖé

shanice dyer says:

where´╗┐ do you get thoese things that you put the rubber bands on.??

Mariella Fernandez-Davila says:

this is a really pretty bracelet but i thinks it is´╗┐ intermidiate i just tarted rainbow loom and i did it but this rocks thanks

sarainminecraft says:

hey im going´╗┐ to florida toooooo ILL MEET U THERE

LouisTomlinstion1231 says:

It was funny when it broke and you were like, “wow”.´╗┐ Lol. I laughed because I didn’t know they could break. Lol

Aliya Murad says:

I´╗┐ subscribed!!

Penylane relapsed says:

This is so cool,´╗┐ I want one of those loom thingos!!!!!!

Katy Sumner says:

really cool, but you´╗┐ should slow down a little bit:)

Effa Solomonova says:

Love it´╗┐

karlabreeding06 says:

Where do you get the´╗┐ looms or how is one made

Serenity martin says:

Were do´╗┐ u get the loom

Kami Gaitan says:

at first when i heard a little kids voice i was like *oh no´╗┐ this is going to be stupid*…. but Wow! you are really good at crafting tutorial! Good Job!

Amoresable says:

We’re can I get that loom? You r so go´╗┐ at teaching.

Lexi Isabelle says:

U are´╗┐ really good

Carmen Jennings says:

Thanks´╗┐ so much

Rainbowloomgirl1516 says:


rachael518981 says:

Were´╗┐ are you going in fl?

Johnny Ate says:

So hard, but great video! I would NEVER´╗┐ be able to make that!

Eliana Lazar says:

Thanx! This video was easy to follow and´╗┐ better than the official one! Pushing down the bands is a really important tip.


Great Video. ´╗┐ My daughter and I made one last night and it was very easy to follow

Samantha Glass says:

that was amazing´╗┐

Ashley Steph says:

aww thanks´╗┐ ­čÖé ~ashley

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