Rainbow loom bracelet collection!

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WARNING- video is super long so if you don’t want to watch the whole thing I understand. Any questions on color combos are welcome 🙂


MayaZazaLoomz says:

Sky Blue, thank you so much!

MayaZazaLoomz says:

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you all a quick favor. I have a very good
friend named Kierra, and she has a youtube channel. It would be really cool
if you guys searched Kierra Garland, and tell her some video suggestions,
-Maya :)

MayaZazaLoomz says:

I filmed this and then I realized I left out a bracelet- Rib cage bracelet,
tutorialsbya, glitter and white 🙂 ENJOY EVERYONE!

MayaZazaLoomz says:

Abby Morgan- sure thing! Comin right up :)

MayaZazaLoomz says:

Abby Morgan- Thank you!!!!

MusicMakeupandMagic says:

Love all the bracelets you made! 

Aaliyahisloomingwithyou Forever says:

I enjoyed it so much ,thnx , can u do charms

Raoul Floren says:

You have a new subbi

Skye Lepua says:

Can u plz sub me and I’ll sub back anyone …Maya ur so cool!!

321 CraftyGirl says:

Omg!!sorry I was away for so long!!!please still remember me!!!!

Lily Rose says:

Please do an charm collection video

Abby Morgan says:

First comment um yes charms

lizzie malec says:

Do you have an Instagram 

321 CraftyGirl says:

Omg 174 subbies!!!congrats!!!

Abby Morgan says:

I love ❤ all you bracl3ts

Molly Mouse says:

Hey maya!!! <3 <3

Gobinath Sadhuriya says:

Love all your bracelets

The Hello Kitty Gal says:

love all the bracletes

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