*NEW* Rainbow Loom “Name This Bracelet” Contest is Back!

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The Rainbow Loom® “Name this Bracelet” Contest is back! Please limit your entries to one name per day. The new name will be announced on Sunday, September 8t…


Jennifer Losinno says:

Staircase of rainbows

cerone1999 says:

The cage !!

Ramiro Camacho says:

Single link tunnel

Nicol Tuqui says:


Shaeleigh Marissa says:

Train track

Julia Buonsante says:

Fishcross because there is a fish tail inside of it and across is a pirimeter like thing

paige oconnor says:

Rainbow window hatch

DomoKun913 says:

“In the hole”

Grace Stanley says:


Robin Dublin says:


Alaina Derose says:

Train tracks

Alaina Derose says:

Inside out loom

onedirectionlovej says:

Actually just chain ladder

Allison Mays says:

Triple cell

onedirectionlovej says:

Zip chain ladder

Olivia Riley says:


EverythingCreative33 says:

Peek-a-boo bracelet

Gianna Brenna says:

Over bridge

Olivia Silbert says:

Triple ridge cage or triple bridge

Luke Thoms says:

Color twister if u take my name can u please subscribe I need more subscribers

Cera Ong says:

Rib cage or jail cell

c0ok13sl0v3r says:

Call it the Inward Outward, because it has a row in the middle inside of the perimeter of the bracelet

Natalie Fernandez says:

The rainbow train tracks

nlhrocks345 says:

The rib cage!

Julianna Jimenez says:

You should name it jail

Julia Spengler says:

Caged single

Julia Spengler says:

Rainbow bridge

RachelvsGaming says:

Inside Single

RachelvsGaming says:

Color Twister

nancy squillacioti says:

Tell what’s it named

nancy squillacioti says:

Omg I havnt watched it yet

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