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rainbow loom bracelet.


awesome23451000 says:

do it again better tthat stunk

Lindsay Z. says:

whenever I make this, the inside row looks great but the whites on the outside are just loose and can easily come off. what am I doing wrong?

Christina Powell says:

I did it thanks!!

Christina Powell says:

How do you hold your camera??? Is it strapped to your head like one those flashlight things??? Or does one of your family members holding the camera in every video you do??? Please respond I want to make videos like you!!! I must know!!

Christina Powell says:

Epic fail I think I missed something or missed a step… Oh well I’ll try again.

Sydney Vinyard says:

Just when I think I got it I forget a step!

rafiul5 says:

She just a kid dont call her a bitch

Syrai Black says:

It fell apart bitch

Denise DiGrigoli Amuso says:

wait never mind i just set up the rubber bands wrong

Denise DiGrigoli Amuso says:

sheri did you do any talking because at some parts christine’s voice sounded different

Denise DiGrigoli Amuso says:

i dont get the part in the beginning where you take the black and put t on the middle peg but ok

Tina Beadle says:

Mine turned out!!! 🙂

enderninja1000 says:

I hav 1

Erin Crawford says:

your videos are totally awesome

Molly Corrough says:

 how many rainbow looms do you have?

bakerbaby800 says:

I meant to say it glitched again sorry

bakerbaby800 says:

I don’t know what’s wrong it glitches

bakerbaby800 says:

Like I said my iPad glitches I meant to say teach the zippy chain I don’t know what is W

bakerbaby800 says:

Teach no

peacegirl101100 says:

Nice job, I like your videos and you should make more.

Speedydingo says:

Does not work when pulling off

bakerbaby800 says:

Oops. My IPad glitches when I try to enter a comment. I meant say that you are supposed to lay one over the first diamond you lay. I tried to type you started wrong. I wasn’t writing you stink I case you thought that.

bakerbaby800 says:

Oops I didn’t finish I didn’t mean t

bakerbaby800 says:

You were supposed to lay one the first diamond you put. You st

clarence jackson says:

dumbest braclet ever

show the braclet first

isataa89 says:

Esta-ti-Si (easy-to-use) xD

Gabriella McCoy says:

Re you a girl

jaden goodman says:

Fell apart

jaden goodman says:

It didn’t work

Sarah McAndrew says:

Next time show the product 1st

Christine Jacobson says:

Any other questions on rainbow loom please let me know!

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