Rainbow Loom Hexafish 6-Pin Fishtail Bracelet Tutorial – 6-Pin Fishtail – Part 1

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facebook.com/justinstoys If fishtail is your favorite rainbow loom bracelet, then this is going to be your new favorite guaranteed. This is not meant for the…


justinstoys says:

it’s justinstoys

I dont sell anything rainbow loom related online though.

Donna Vezinaw says:

Rob, you mentioned you have an e-bay store,? What is your store name so I can find you. Thanks

Donna Vezinaw says:

Thank Rob!! Great pattern!! Please try and post the 3 peg Bracelet. Thanks a bunch!!!

justinstoys says:

believe it or not, I actual tried 8, 10 and 12 and it gets way too tight/tense and too many rubber bands have snapped so I think 6 is the highest

Meghan Meier says:

can you try to make it possible to make a 9 pin fishtail?

justinstoys says:

It is basically the same technique, but instead of using 6 pegs, you are using 3,
I will post a video soon

justinstoys says:

will get to it soon, I have a couple of undiscovered designs that I would like to post up first. In a nutshell, it is basically the same technique, but instead of using 6 pegs, you are using 3

Amanda Velasquez says:

Do you really need 2 rainbow looms

Linda Zick says:

Great technique. I, too, would love to see a tutorial on the 3 pin fishtail.

Glaceon9786 says:

how do you do a 3 pin fishtail?

Marcelo Rivero Q says:

Súper cool

justinstoys says:

Do you mean the kits or the actual bracelet?

Stephanie Clausing says:

Can I purchase one?

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