How to Make a Starburst Rainbow Loom Bracelet

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Ricardo HAYEK says:

this is so cool

CraftyCrafts476 says:

Thanks!! So glad you enjoyed it!! :D

CraftyCrafts476 says:

Thanks. But I can’t go much slower or this video would be way too long :) You can just pause it when needed.

CraftyCrafts476 says:

Thank you!! I’m so glad this could help you!

CraftyCrafts476 says:

I’m so glad I could help you!! :D

CraftyCrafts476 says:

I’m glad you enjoyed the video!! :)

CraftyCrafts476 says:

You are too!! ;)

Kira Rox says:

AMAZING!!! Thank u so much!!!!!! :)

Sean Connolly says:

Sean’s sister . Awesome vid but you go way to fast

MichelleMarification says:

Great directions! Thank you!

Rafaella Pipko says:

this video really helped me I watched a different vid about this and tried and tried but could not do it but with your vid I tried once and I got it thanks! :)

Caroline Kaney says:

Thank you. You are to

Craftasticrafts101 says:

Your amazing!

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