Rainbow Loom pattern Nautique

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Roseanne Schmidt says:


Roseanne Schmidt says:

use the pause button.

Anna Campbell says:

Slow down. You go really fast

EgyptianCatMeow says:

Get it put it out ? can u be more specific

Tess Pleasure says:

how do u take the bracelet off of the loom? you never said at the end of the video

misha chowdhury says:

pretty cool literally. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. dont think its funny, simply put your email and number and wait for your parcel. its worth a try here : bit.ly/152YywJ?=ktiepq

Rkbrowneyedgirl says:

Im sorry you really cute and are amazing at this but someone mad this and it came out first. But the plate one was very good! Do you know what the name of the one on ur wrist was called??

Kimaufman Aufman says:

Keychains are nice, too!

Kimaufman Aufman says:

Learning Express 

tape love says:

where did u get your loom

Molly Corrough says:


Alyssa Chandler says:

How old r u? Ur so talented!

GymnastMKB says:

Looks so hard to make but once u watch how u make it it’s really simple!

Paige Dwyer says:

its practically just fish tail

rainbowloom21 says:

Hardest bracelet i ever made but it worked

Lynne Distefano says:

I didn’t get it

Lynne Distefano says:

U didn’t explain anything

Natalie Fernandez says:

i stretched mine out and it became a single

Sarah Terrill says:

I made it but it messed up so it was a keychain

judiyah baxter says:

That awesome I made like 13 and sold it for $2

tckentish12 says:

It was hard starting it with all the twisting, but then it got easier. I wish you would explain it more and not go so fast. But, great video!

Alexis Evanson says:

I made it!!!!!!!

thehotties9190 says:

So gay please be more clear cause it down not work and I’m having a really hard time and I’m crying so please make another video

Alexis Evanson says:

So cool

Luke Thoms says:

It’s an awesome idea

Luke Thoms says:

How did u come up with that?

Kimaufman Aufman says:

To finish the bracelet, you pull all 4 sides over.

Maureen Fennell says:

Nice pattern and bracelet! We are stuck at about 4:27 into the video….feels like there is a step missing? How do you end the pattern to finish the bracelet? Thanks!

Kimaufman Aufman says:

It takes about 50 bands to make this bracelet.

Julia McDaniel says:

Thats really cool but i must take alot of bands

Robin Dublin says:

Could you or someone post a different video with a different camera angle? I’m having a hard time seeing.

patsythegymnast says:

works well but takes forever

ally gator says:

How beautiful!

Sophie Kostovski says:

I know another way to do this may I post a video?

Jacquie Lannert says:

Wow, wow, sooooo good – how did she even think of this??? Great job and thank you for sharing your video

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