How to make the Hexafish Rainbow Loom Bracelet with 1 Loom Kit

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Close You asked and I responded. Here is a revised tutorial of the hexafish using a single loom instead of two looms combined. It is a lit…


rainbowloomtutorialsss says:

I ruined it when I was clipping. I feel horrible because I spent 3 days on it. :'(

mustlovepink14 says:

Mine doesn’t look like this when its finished….

Brookiestar1234 says:

Didn’t turn out right

AFanofDaleJr88 says:

Thank you for such an awesome video! I’ve made several and they are so cool!! I’ve had a LOT of nice comments on this bracelet!

Layla Osman says:

This bracelet is extremely amazing

Layla Osman says:

This is a very nice bracelet I made it and it turned out nice .

nerdistheword8 says:

it would help to see better if your background wasnt so white and bright, just a suggestion because its extremely fustrating. but thank you

rebornmommyforevz says:

7-8 inches

Andyrew202 says:

Nvm… Got it!!! Awesome!

Kendall0216 says:

how many inches long should the bracelet be for an average sized teen

Andyrew202 says:

It doesn’t come out…

Kayla Simmons says:

At the end to finish it off has it ever snapped because I’m afraid that when I put it back on the loom it will snap

tekkitguys107 says:

How many rubber bands does this use

iguanagull can fli says:

Usted puede comprar el telar en tiendas de manualidades.

marshmello624 says:

i have a small wrist, do u like I can use less than 100?

iguanagull can fli says:

Usted puede comprar el telar en tiendas de manualidades.

iguanagull can fli says:

Thank you for this! I can now make these for bday presents 😀

gritlesswonder says:

How many rows do you do in between colors? Thanks for the video

Ebasmommy says:

I like how you did one video on this one

georgeskinner1010 says:

please make a video on how to make a 4pin and 5pin please

florecita Camacho says:

Adonde se puede con segir el telaar o eso para hacer la pulcera o bien como se llama

Sydney Vinyard says:

about how many rubber bands do you think it takes to make this this bracelet?

justinstoys says:


Ive done 4 and 5 Pins, but I tried 8 and 10 before but there is too much tension and the rubberbands end up snapping. At 7, it looks almost identical to 6, so its not really worth it.

jarred grabois says:

Thx u so much for your videos can u do any number fishtail

justinstoys says:

u inspired me to make this video. Your welcome. 🙂

Makenna Kravchuck says:

I LUV this braclet  I can’t wait to make 1

Makenna Kravchuck says:


Makenna Kravchuck says:


Izzy Karen says:

This pattern is awesome thank you so much

DreamInfinityyy says:

omg how can i thank you?? thank you SO much.

jarred grabois says:

I made a hexagon in the middle is that ok

jarred grabois says:

I made a hex

KraftyMeg02 says:

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbie Brown says:

Helped so much:) thanks!!

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