How To Make The New Waterfall Wave Rainbow Loom bracelet!

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via YouTube Capture.


Sarahtomsky1234 says:

Lexi make sure you push all the rubber bands down before picking

Olivia Rose says:


Olivia Rose says:

Not good at explaining. Go slower

Gisella Rios says:


Lexi77TV says:

i dont understand this it doesnt make sense things are popping off for no reason

Lexi77TV says:

im so confused 🙁

jenna topalis says:

you have to explain it more.

Mary Beth says:

I’m sorry I can’t do it you have to actually say how to do it not say you put that pin to that pin that doesn’t help

Adriana Kent says:

But the vid was great

Adriana Kent says:

A little slower next time plz

Nicole Winthrop yay says:

u need to go alot slower next time and mine didnt work because i didnt know the end so plz slower and more detailed next time

Sarahtomsky1234 says:

I Just Uploaded one last night so I tried to go slow but you can always reverse it if your confused

Sarahtomsky1234 says:

Ok I just o

Isha Patel says:

Please to slower next time

Jessica Fry says:

Can you slower next time

enleyjanke says:

How do u fucking end it

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