Rainbow Loom Sailors Pinstripe Tutorial – How to make a Reversible Glow Pin Bracelet

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www.justinstoys.com This bracelet is one of the most difficult bracelets to make so I advise anyone attempting to make this to first try either the triple si…


Keith Wrightington says:

what if you only have the white rainbow loom maker and not the blue and clear one that can come apart

Nerf Strongarm says:

Thank you for your clear explanation I really appreciate it!

Cole VanOphem says:

You should not need 300+ rubber bands that is stupid

Jeffrey Donnelly says:

do you need to double the bands or is that just your opion

joseito989 says:

Well done and well explained!!!
Thanks 🙂

SuperHotdog47 says:

Thank you so cool

Lynne R says:

can you make me one i shorta failed

justinstoys says:

after four, the pinstripes start to get tense and the bracelet no longer stays flat. 4 was the perfect amount of rows for this bracelet to have a appealing relaxed natural state

DipDyedCreeperz says:

Make a video on how to make it with one loom

christian gonzalez says:

And Thank You For Showing Me This Awesome Vid U Can Spread The Word Of My Bracelet And U Can Make A Vid About Mai Bracelet Too

christian gonzalez says:

I Made One Up Go To My Channel It Is Called Triple Pinstripe And Ur welcome for spreading the word

kittycatluvmsp says:

it feels so cool

sarah bova says:

thanks so much you are awesome at this

Christina Powell says:

I had such a hard time transtering, i messed up tooooooooooo many times!!!!

Christina Powell says:

How come you only used 4 colums insted of 6?

justinstoys says:

thanks, I appreciate it

justinstoys says:

no, 2, but you need to transfer still

justinstoys says:

yes, but waaaaay too difficult

justinstoys says:

thanks for the support, I appreciate you spreading the word

christian gonzalez says:

You just got 200 more subs from Mai friends

christian gonzalez says:

Took me 2 hours den made it!Totally worth it!Thank you so much!

Ella Liu says:

Can I have one!!!

Cheri Aziz says:

Can u do one with one loom is it possible

abercrombie820 . says:

I made it with one loom. You just don’t have two middle stripes you have one.

Em Pivy says:

So u really need 3 looms

Amanda Bella says:

Yea it has more advanced braclets for people who are interested in thick and cool ones!! Thank u

AmazingWafflez1 says:

I love this channel! Its perfect for people like me who already know how to make all the simple one loom bracelets, and are looking for a challenging one! Thanks :)!

Lolo D says:

hey is it possible you can make me one? please answer back

Amanda Bella says:

Super cool!!

sammy quinlan says:

Do harry styles face lol Jkjk

toufik boutouis says:

Oh my. That very cool. Just i dont have enough bands :(!


It did not work when I tried it

Hasan sakaji says:

Cool pick

Riiot09 says:

I did this as my first bracelet, full on rainbow, rainbow sides, rainbow in the middle, and rainbow stripes

Rita donskoi says:

Make this with one loom

justinstoys says:

You have to understand that there are really 4 separate bracelets that each need to be independently clipped. The hardest part is identifying the ends and understanding which rubber band is responsible for holding the whole bracelet together. The beginning end (side you pull off is already held together by one horizontal band, but the other end should be clipped first. If you are still having trouble, I will upload a troubleshooting video. Rob

Carol Earnest says:

i realy like the bracelet but, i am having a problem with the ending and putting the clips on, could you please do a video on just that

Pattie Brubaker says:


gritlesswonder says:

Hi Rob, I made a video response to this video. I also have the same video on my channel. I gave you credit for the design and left a video link in the description of my video. Thanks again. Hope you enjoy.

Bob Snyder says:

i love ur videos keep them coming !!!!!

Dana Prottas says:

Hey Justin’s Toys! Loving your new videos! Keep them coming!

One helpful hint on this bracelet – it wasn’t clear which side to transfer to loom back to the main loom to connect them. We had to do a double transfer. Not ideal, but we made it work. You just might want to clarify so that people transfer to the correct end.

Happy looming!!

gritlesswonder says:

How do I share pics ? I actually like the newest one I made for my brother.

gritlesswonder says:

Michaels does not accept coupons for rainbow looms an rubber bands.

Petbunny137 says:

I am so stupid I thought this was the video where you were playing with the lights thanks

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