How to make a Rainbow Loom ladder bracelet (EASY)

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Thanks so much for 11000 ! 1000 in a day! that’s awesome thanks so much and i hope u guys enjoined thee ladder bracelet tutorial.


Maija swartz says:

Thank you so much

Hammy Doe says:

I love your nail polish color bt dubs this is my older brothers account but his name is not hammy doe

happyhorserider12 says:

Love this bracelet! Could u just slow down some please?

giedrubisable says:

its so easy

taliar09 says:

your soo good. you never mess up!

ksinde330 says:

It is so easy thx

Lynda Elizabeth says:

dont work ughh!

Matthew Teplansky says:


taborbarberich says:

Lol she said stick the hook up:)

Dylan Ivanov says:

Here’s a tip,go a little slower

ItsTime4LPS1 says:

Thanks! this is so easy

Brunika Somwaru says:

Thank you so much it worked on the first try

fundragons1011 says:

A.C moore

bobo rox says:

I’ve seen them everywhere

bobo rox says:

Please tell me where you got those rubber bands! I’ve seen everywhere but I don’t know where to get them!

joe m says:

go to Michal’s arts and crafts they have the hole kit and extra bands

El1teGam31ng says:

Mine always fall apart no matter wat braclet i do besides fish and single

Spell_ Heart says:

You sound like Brie Bella and Nikki Bella

Riley M says:

Where did u get the bands

Kristy Newquist says:

Whoa that’s easier then it looked finished mine in a few minutes that starburst bracelet was a pain but i did it eventually thanks!!

happyhorserider12 says:

At first mine didn’t work because I tried something with it…..but then I tried it again and it WORKED.

Olivia Elgazar says:

Different voice…

BeautyByLinsay28 says:

you can get the stuff at michaels and shop rite and also shop rite does have glow in the deal rubber bands

derpy hobo says:

mine always do xD

Allibino says:

This was such a pain to make. I tried it twice and it fell apart both times!! Then i finally got it and it came out really sloppy like the rubber bands were coming out to the side. And also i didnt know how to connect the last part 🙁

pamela cole says:

mine fell apart too

Laura l says:


dashia williams says:

Order me some glow in dark please

Lova Poopy says:

Where do u get glow in the dark

Thbcshow says:

Thanks you so much your videos are the best I only knew how to make a single now I can make everything you showed us! I just made one and it isn’t as good as yours but I love it

edgarvillegas56 says:

How do you take it off I tried it twice they always get messed up at the end

edgarvillegas56 says:


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