Mini Double Braid Bracelet Tutorial – ADVANCED Rainbow Loom Instructions

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justinstoys says:

2 lines

justinstoys says:

Great tip, Will share :)

Jennifer Kerr says:

Im seeing a lot of broken looms n hooks. If you release some of the bands that you have already hooked as you move up the loom it will release some tension. About half way up I release the first 4 and then released another one or two as the tension builds towards the end. Also if put a bunch of bands on the loom to stretch before you actually do it it saves a little time when setting up. It tooke about 3 failed attempts before I got it.

justinstoys says:

oh no :(

justinstoys says:

born and semi raised, then moved out to humble long island

DreamInfinityyy says:

This broke my hook :(

Rebecca Sitar says:

Ive had no problems till this one do u have 2 or three lines on your loom. Looks like two then it looks like three. Ill keep trying.

Rebecca Sitar says:

Brooklyn? 🙂 i love this channel

annette joseph says:

can you do the double fishtail connection bracelet

Hannah Shiple says:

You have the best rainbow loom videos ever! Extremely helpful(:

Jessica Manes says:

what do you do if a band breaks while its already in the bracelet?

Izzy Karen says:

This is great

Dara DiGiovanni says:

Was your last comment towards me if it was I can’t wait to see photo of the setup so I can FINALLY MAKE AND COMPLETE this bracelet

justinstoys says:

Ill send you a picture of the setup on facebook

Solomon Griffith says:

they need to bring back the metal hook just for this bracelet

Solomon Griffith says:

check out my channel I have new bracelets

Dara DiGiovanni says:

Okay I can’t transfer bracelet onto loom so I give up but I have 4 looms at home so um how many looms would it take to make one for a 25 year old female and an adult male so I can just make it without transferring period

justinstoys says:

sorry, the trick is not to pull the rubberbands at an angle, but almost like it is tug of war. your hook is horizontal like in the video.

justinstoys says:

id say a little over 2 full looms

xXcrazybeachgirlXx says:

Can’t do it

Julia McDaniel says:

Itss soooo hard

Emma Shockley says:

Hooks were snapped and rubber bands we’re broken.

Carmen Jennings says:

How long for 11 year old

Carmen Jennings says:


Riiot09 says:

Since I have two looms could I just combine them so I don’t have to go through the transfers?

AllysBracelets says:

Thanks. Ally works very hard on her designs & really appreciates the kind words. 🙂

Sally Kelly says:

Fabulous tutorial! You are a really good teacher. Thanks!

Jennifer Kerr says:

you should do a tutorial on diamond with two looms side by side with border (with no extension) I believe that is how you will get the bracelet that is being displayed in the name this bracelet video for liberty twist. the one that everyone wants a tutorial for…she removed all the comments where people weere asking about it. 

Jennifer Kerr says:

Seriously that is amazing…I bought this loom for my 7 yr old niece and she barely touches it. When I was trying to teach her, i became instantly obsessed with it…I however have 0 creativity…I can follow directions, that is why i love finding new videos…i will mix different types into one but this one is really unique…and cant wait to play with different color patterns…thank you for making these videos

justinstoys says:

she deserves it, I’m glad I found her video, I still cant believe shes only 9

Jennifer Kerr says:

i love how you gave Ally so much credit…that is awesome and she definitley is.

Sofia Alvarado says:

2nd comment!

MrPeterxzify says:

Very nice bracelet!

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