Made By Mommy’s Pumpkin Charm on the Rainbow Loom

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A demonstration of how to make a pumpkin charm using orange and green rubber bands on a rainbow loom. Create your own Halloween themed jewelry or decorate yo…


Anna Scanlon says:

I love it

Made By Mommy says:

Thank you Christina, I’m so glad you were able to follow my instructions. Enjoy!!

christina mastellone says:

thanks so much mine came out perfect

Made By Mommy says:

So sorry to hear that! I’ve recorded a new video using just one rubber band at a time, there is a link in the video description to the other one. Hope that one is easier for you to follow!

Cupcakepupgirl says:

Sooooo confusing. I completed my first EPIC FAIL! XD

piper heck says:

I had a lot of trouble! I couldn’t get it at all!

Liliana Petaia says:

Can you do it on a different angle?

Made By Mommy says:

Since this design is a circle instead of a line like a bracelet, the loom would need to rotate repeatedly. I expect people to rotate as they feel comfortable, but this way they can see the concept without extra complication.

Kim McLaren says:

Why don’t you turn your loom. Wouldnt it be easier to grab the bands and for others to follow???

Made By Mommy says:

You may want to look at the written instructions on the madybymommy web site — for some people seeing a pattern on paper is easier to follow.

Made By Mommy says:

Thank you for writing, its nice to know that someone is watching! Hope the project works out well for you.

c314smiley says:

Those are crazy cute! They would make great hand-outs for Halloween. I need to go to Michaels and stock up on the orange bands.

SorikuRingMaster says:

This is way too confusing, and hard to follow upside down

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