how to make a rainbow loom headband

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I hope you like it. And i am sorry that it took so long.


jordan dilorenzo says:

Can you make a video how to´╗┐ attach it please ­čÖé

Sherry Boyd says:

U stole my´╗┐ idea

Sherry Boyd says:

You still´╗┐ my idea

emsud Nadarevic says:

so hard with´╗┐ one

Celeste Vangeli says:

You did great!!! One thing though, do´╗┐ u own a brush?? Like at all??? U should use one if u have it

Thecraftygirl12345 says:

you guys don’t need to be so mean! Don’t listen to them´╗┐ you did great!:)

Jordyn Topp says:

ur ugly´╗┐ and u cant see it at all

Rubber Kat says:


Jeanine Grimes says:

to´╗┐ hard

Alexandria Prinz says:

Love it

StringWorksBracelets says:

Great´╗┐ idea!

Glitterloverforever says:

Okkk worst vid. Ever!! Learn to do some editin´╗┐

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