New Rainbow Loom Double Cross Fishtail Bracelet Round 4 Pin

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This is an instructional video to show you how to make a bracelet called the Double Cross Fishtail. It is the same concept as the fishtail bracelet, except y…


Giannap27 says:

Cool braclet

jogirlz11 says:

This is sooo cool! Thx so much!!

jordantine1 says:

I’m not familiar with the crazy loom. I just looked it up and it looks like you could still make this bracelet even though the pins would be lined up in a diamond shape rather than a square. As long as the rubber bands make an X and cross each other, I think it should work.

Lexiebell123 says:

This bracelet is very unique thank u for the help but what if u don’t have the rainbow loom wat if u only have the Crazy loom. The two looms are different

Kai Rizzo says:

Your vid sucks

jordantine1 says:

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

jordantine1 says:


katarina misljenovic says:

its awesome u helped sooo much

TheFluffypotatoe says:

I love that bracelet

JumpyMewtwo456 says:

As you can maybe see I liked it

JumpyMewtwo456 says:

Awesome bracelet I have so many now of them thanks a lot it really means a lot to me

jordantine1 says:

Thanks! Yes, I used my son’s ipod and I figured out a way to prop it up above me, looking down on the desk and then I just hit record. I then used Power Director 11 to edit the video and then uploaded it to Youtube through that software. It was a very time consuming process, since I had never done it before and there was a big learning curve.

Catherine K says:

Great video! Technical question for you…how did you video? Do you have the camera on an ipod? Thanks!

jordantine1 says:

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. It was the first tutorial I’ve ever done, so I was hoping it would be easy to follow.

Jelane Johnson says:

Great design and great tutorial. The texture of this design is the most like snakeskin of any other design I have seen. Love it!

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