Rainbow Loom vs Cra-Z-Loom Rubber Band Kit Comparison

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A short video comparing what is in the two most popular rubber band bracelet making packages. Feel free to post questions about the two kits below and I’ll t…


Mikayla Redmond says:

Cray-z-loom is the most retarded thing ever and it is such a rip off

xxwinterbudxx says:

whats the difference like wth

kate lee says:

Rainbow loom the colors are prettier and vibrant

Jenny U says:

thank you for making this video. im considering a loom for my daughter for xmas

Vance Martello says:


Rachel Tang says:

My cousin has cra-Z-loom and I got rainbow loom and I can say rainbow loom is better

Alexa Ramirez says:

Rainbow loom rocks this house 4ever

Shannon Huxley says:

pick crazy loom now!]:

Morgan Lucas says:

Crazy loom copied rainbow loom crazy loom sucks the bands fall off the loom when you try to loop

Madi Morris says:

Rainbow loom is so much better

Jeremy Smith Jr. says:


Eugenia Hartness says:

Rainbow Loom 4 ever!!!!

Annee Close says:

you can connect the multiple cra-z-looms

simplelangpo says:

I have both

Maxinne Capiral says:

Rainbow loom was made first 😛 cra z loom is such a copier

ahdhshshayh69993 says:

Rainbow loom>>

Garrett Willoughby says:


L Williams says:

I have they cra z loom but I now I am going to buy rainbow loom

evonne chan says:

I like rainbow loom better

Kylie Rice says:

Thumbs up for rainbow loom

Joanna He says:

I like rainbow loom better than cra z loom but I like the s clips better than the c clips – Steven He

Joanna He says:

S clips are batter than c clips but I like rainbow loom better than cra z loom.

Darren Tolbert says:

Crazy loom is so much better

Ryan Hassell CaptainIronz says:


Joanna He says:

Rainbow loom is way better oh and btw that helped me so much. Thank you.

morglovesminecraft says:

Cray Z loom.

tashaisgirly says:

Rainbow loom

melody says:

U play aj 2?????? Oh, btw RAINBOW LOOM BETTER…. in my opinion.

melody says:


werty kinker says:

Rainbow loom

Erika Cedeno says:

Rainbow Loom

Alexa Krznaric says:

This is helpful,thank you

Ava r says:

Crazy loom sucks!!! Rainbow loom is way better than those copiers

Rainbow Loom says:

Rainbow loom (:

simonewarrior says:

Now did you know that Claire’s has their own? Could you do a comparison? Thanx!

simonewarrior says:

Very helpful. We enjoy the rainbow loom because of its flexibility. I have to say as a mom I like that I can get the different colors from different manufactures which can be both cost effective and large in variety

sparkcity girlsrule says:

i lkise cra-z-loom cuz i just go it today i i really like the way its built

Jenna Masucci says:

rainbow loom is better

L Williams says:

even though I have cra z loom I like the rainbow loom too

CraftyGamer123 says:

Cra-z-loom! I like the pinkness in it and I feel it’s easier with the S clips!

Meagan Brower says:

Good job great video it helped me a lot.I chose I wanted rainbow loom.

Hunter Termine says:


Delaney1119 says:

Rainbow loom

dbarker1313 says:

It doesn’t

chickaboowah9 says:

Cray-Z-Loom looks like it has more rubber bands

thehotties9190 says:

Rainbow loom.

Michael Magielnicki says:

It’s at shop rite and walmart

Carmen Jennings says:

I like rainbow loom the best

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