Rainbow Loom® Raindrops Bracelet

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This is a remake of the instructional video for how to make the Rainbow Loom® Raindrops Bracelet. Originally posted as Lesson 10 December 12, 2011. Level: In…


Marina Laic says:

i thought it would be hard with the letters+numbers but i think it is
easier! this bracelet is so cool, im gonna make a rainbow one next!!!

Marina Laic says:

lol when you use numbers and letters, things get complicated

Emily Wiest says:

Where do you get the paper with letters?

luke guglielmi says:


Kurt fabrg says:

this was my first bracelet i did good

Lailah Helena says:

Thanks this video helped a lot!!!

Suzanne Peterson says:

Jennifer, These things take practice. Each time you make a bracelet you are
learning something new! Please don’t get so upset when it doesn’t work.
Unfortunately, all of the bands must be placed and looped correctly for the
bracelets to work. I suspect that you had a problem looping somewhere. Can
you try this again and see if it works? Are you having trouble extending
the bracelet at the Cap Band?Please let me know where you have trouble and
I will try to help.Hang in there!

Andrea Marban says:

You should try it again. I think it will turn out great Jennifer!

Jennifer McCarter says:

When ever i do that cat thing at the end, it comes undone and now I am
crying because I wasted my time for something that didnt work :'(

Kate Bickham says:

Thanks that helped a lot! Great job!

isabella torres says:

Thanks Michael you rock

Jayden Koropatkin says:

I like your intro ALOT !!!!!

Suzanne Peterson says:

Thank you Michael!

Louisa Ann says:

Thanks for this tutorial! My friend showed me but I messed up 🙁 But thanks
to you guys I made it right!! My bracelet looks BEAUTIFUL!

irene lupercio says:

ty 🙂

Kacey Moloche says:

Can u make a hexafish please you make it so easy

melissa Bastidas says:

@branndi um hello if your going to have a problem then don’t bother
watching this

Branndi Hofmann says:

can this go any slower omg

Michael Fulghum says:

Wow! I watch others videos on how to make bracelets, but I only get them
right watching your vids. Thanks sooo much!

Jessica Smith says:

It didnet work but the way I made it looks cool

Evie Mallios says:

Awesome bracelet

xxcrystalheartxx says:

Thank you sooooo much !!! I love it 😀

sara page says:

It didn’t work

alex talamantes says:

My daughter’s came out perfectly so thanks

Alyx South says:

Mine looks ugly

bennito243 says:

This was fantastic video that really works!! U truly have the best rainbow
loom vids on YouTube!! I finically made a cool intermediate bracelet! I
will definitely recomend u 2 my friends! Thanks so much!!!!!!

Charmaine Bracley says:

love it love videos very understanding to me even the hard designs

Diego Chávez Ceballos says:


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