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This tutorial shows you how to make a Rainbow Loom Pencil Grip. It is easy. You will need 3 colors.


Selma Hotich says:

I love how you did this. It is way cool. Next, can u make a dog charm. I
would love if u could:-D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Ellie Knight says:

It’s a cute idea but I lose my pencils all the time so for me it’s a waste
of rubberbands

Keith Bredehoeft says:

Great video. One suggestion that might help transferring from one pencil
to another is that you can loop a couple of bands on the end and tie them
in a knot (We used 2 bands and fed 2 bands through each one) so that we
don’t have to worry about it coming loose. My son would love to see a
Minecraft grass block charm next!

Melisa Gannon says:

i use mechanical pencils but i made it for my crochet hooks instead

Natalie Molina says:

Where did you get that kind of loom

Brooke Anderson says:

I loved this I had no clue how to do it and I watched other viedos and they
didn’t help and I saw this one and it got me to the very end thx and keep
making them 🙂

Mitchell Hammond says:

how many do u put on at a time?

Corful Pandaz says:

I will definetely try this 🙂

Ashley Nunez says:

Oh thank you so much! It really works and my pencil grip is so beautiful!
It’s just, I have a question that I think is REALLY IMPORTANT. What happens
if when your pencil gets tiny from sharpening it and you want to take it
off? Will the whole thing fall apart???? Gave a thumbs up and subscribed.
🙂 🙂

Robert Olech says:

can you make a hamster?

Summer Mansoor says:

thank you i made mine for my rainbow loom hook it looks great

Breya Neely says:

this is soooo frikin cool

caitlyn drew says:

you should make a tornado all twisted and it will look cool too

KinkyKurlyKween says:

It seems easy because it reminds me if the fish tail

Naomi Dube says:

Super cool, when you twist it on the pencil it looks even better!

Cristian Hoyt says:

make handcuffs

Parker Keen says:

thanx it works great

Stephanie Haas says:

can you do more tutorials for people without the loom

kala dismuke says:

how come you cant do the two colors at the some time

Robyn Bennett says:

oops it dose sory i did it rong

Terri Tidwell says:

thx my is cute but I made mine small

sydney strong says:

you should make sun glasses

Pierce Warren says:

but can u do a rainbow ladder

Tricia Rogers says:

Nipple ring. Chopsticks covers, and a mini tramp

Alaina Straub says:

Make a soccer ball

Michael Mania says:

can you make a rainbow loom pencil holder

anna vs says:

is some one peeing in the background?

Kimber Larson says:

thanks for teaching me! i made it and it turned out great! thank u!

Rebecca Meekma says:

i love it my daughter brought it to school and all her friends loved it.

Carrie Nguyen says:

Can you take the gripper off?

Chrisitne Silcox says:

Rainbow loom can make anything

Endercraft says:

This lady is so slow….o my gosh

mikhael lockhart says:

can u make family guy characters

Tatiana Fernandez says:

can u make this in crazy loom

Markie Ruane says:

What if u need to take it off cause my pencils to small it was big

Alli Jo Suess says:

What other kind of stuff can you make

PlanetNora says:

my hook broke

Maliyah Williams says:

couldn’t do it. Thumbs down

joseph weiss says:

i enjoyed watching this video.very good job

josh SEVILLE says:

copy u suck

Ruth Roach says:

How did you know how to do it

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