New Rainbow Loom Triple Cross Fishtail Bracelet – 6 Pins

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This is an instructional video to show you how to make a bracelet called the Triple Cross Fishtail. It is the same concept as the Side By Side Double Cross F…


Meckenzie Pack says:

I hve 2 mak it by tomorrow morning and I hav 2 give it to a person… I
sell it for money and its $1 sense I’m the only 1 making it… he’s giving
me $5!!!!!!!! Thank you on how to make it. I love it, it’s new and no1
knows how 2 make them.., YOUTUBE has everything you need!

GixxerRider101 says:

Made it! it took a long time to make though, turned out very thick and cool
looking. Thanks for the video!

Shane Sanford says:

This is bad i have tried to do what you do over and over and i do exactly
what you do but it doesn’t work!!!!!!

Joy Walker says:

How many bands of each color do you typically use?

Lynnia Hudson says:

It keeps messing up and whenever I try to watch your videos it blurs up or
says an error occurred, please try again later but it works fine with the

Krystina Davis says:

that looks so cool! yet complicated

Evan Michael says:

Umm how long does this take?

Uzziah Cork says:

How do you make the black bracelet with the different colored hearts???
Thank you, I love your bracelet s

Allison Fincher says:

People that say you are too fast need to understand y there is a pause

Emma Stehle says:

Uhg I got so board during the fast forward.

임 정연 says:

this is so dissy

Jamie Humphrey says:

OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!!:) THANKS!!!!

Julia Kohnke says:

Thx so much!

robinn mikalic says:

Cool there kind of thick though

Summer Miller says:

It’s keeps blurring on me

Mady Reese says:

U helped so much

Hala Plaisted says:

She too fast

katherine babcock says:

I really like this bracelet, I made one for my friends b-day

Uzziah Cork says:

Can you make a tutorial on the heart bracelet please

corey benson says:

u need to give us time to do the steps u go to fast

JaMirah Davis says:

thank u so much I made it

jordantine1 says:

As long as you take the bands off of each pin and loop them through one
another it should work fine. Just make sure to do all of them or it will
come apart.

jordantine1 says:

Glad you like it!

jordantine1 says:

Glad to hear it!

chad evans says:


esmeralda Barron says:


johnsadiqi says:

Finishing part I get confused

johnsadiqi says:

I love the way you taught me. This is really easy but when I do the

CK2101 says:

This bracelet is AWESOME!!!!

MsBluestarfighter says:

This is a terrible video you went too fast

mreddington1000 says:

This sucks

Rose Fondale says:

Very nice color combo and I loved the finished bracelet. Thank you. You
have great videos.

monica1st0417 says:

It’s very coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!Thank you for upload this,
and I’m always wearing this bracelet!

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