Rainbow Loom Panda

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This is my take on a panda made on the Rainbow Loom inspired by Made by Mommy (panda charm) and PG’s Loomacy (action figure). I do read all comments so pleas…


Dana Lenz says:

I cannot move my camera in any other direction or angle because it is on my
iPad…thats the best I can do for now.

Caitlin Turner says:

I loved it!!! Angle was much better and we could see EVERYTHING!!! I think
you should keep the other up just in case we want one to look like that and
not change the legs like you said u did. :))))))) PANDA!!! <3

Lauren Self says:

hey on 02:36 you got the number wrong it wasnt 4th to 5th peg it was 5th to
6th. just wanted to point it out, not hatin or anything, just yeah. awesome
vid though!

Antoinette Stewart says:

OMG this is so cute it took me 3 hours but it was all worth it! Thank u so
much!! Can u make swirly lollipops? Thanks again! It came out great

Tanya Mack says:

I loved it. I got it on my first try and made three of them right in a row!
Thank you for sharing and taking your time to HELP people.

fyi: cyber bullying is NOT cool! Bullies are NOT cool! Haven’t you all been
listening?? If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything
at all. Why take time to spread negativity and poison? Spread peace, love
and joy. You all should be ashamed of yourselves and so should your parents!

Carter Rath says:

I did my panda and it turned out great! I also used glow in the dark bands
so it looks really cool! If the arms fall off, use seal clips to put them
back on. That’s what I used.

nbmgwtw22 says:

I am not sure what I did wrong, but my eyes and arms fell out. I’m going to
try this again tomorrow…hopefully I can get it right 🙂

Celina Ojeda says:

Omg sooooo cute!! I luv this panda!! Once I get more white and black rubber
bands I will make this right away!!! ♥♥♥ keep making more please!!!♥it
would really help make me more bracelets and charms!!! Thx♥

Dana Lenz says:

Yes I changed the legs a little bit too…holds up better.

ikataria03 says:

so cute when its done

Lori Dunn says:

I made my panda teal and it came out really cute thanks!

cloudy lps says:

This was very clear thx amazing u just earned a subbie 🙂

Zia Valenzuela says:

I love it and it’s sooo adorable

Giovanna Dell Italia says:

thank you sooooooo much….I love my little panda.You explain everything so

LittleSecretPlace says:

omg i love this tutorial and its of my favorite animal! ty so much for this
video =D

Emma K says:

Your pandas were so cute but plez don’t tell me that I am not alouled to
make you

Allie Craker says:

Mine turned out great I can’t wait to make a new one!!!thanks !!!

Grace Doherty says:

Thanks for the amazing video!! All my friends are going to be jealous of my
rainbow loom panda!! Thank you! 🙂

Justin Pietrzak says:

Don’t get me wrong, but I got confused and did something wrong and I BROKE
my tool! (the hook snapped off)

Micah Daniels says:

you need to zoom in

nick ko says:


Shane Laperal says:

Also can you do a dog tutorial please ?

ahlam nur says:

OMG thank u 4 the viedio u made its the first animal i ever made BTW the

Monserrath Carranza says:

Nice video thank you it was very helpful



serenka simpson says:

my head fell off the frist time! he he

Kaylyn Penna says:

yes i did it <3 thanks alot

Emily Dubbs says:

So awesome video my panda looks so good

Rainbow Rump says:

And also, in ur next vid, can u flip the loom upside down so we can see
what you’re doing better?

Jonathan Nguyen says:

I’m in the fifth grade and I always be kind to others like you

Paige Murrell says:

Omg u did a great job so did i lol we both did a great job cause i did it
omg yea!

Kat C says:

I completed it! Nice tutorial 🙂

Panwen Rozycki says:

can you try making a greman shaperd plz

dragonfury922 says:

BTW i will your subscriber for a VERY long time and your videos are super

Jennifer Bezdicek says:

That was awesome I think u should try to make a yorkie ( dog)

gianna marotta says:

” terrible” you were amazing

rosie G says:

Pandas i thought it was a bear

Victor Marin says:

Thanks much better !!!!!

gymnast and rainbow loom says:

Love love love this video because I watched the other panda video and it
was at a bad angle but thank

Celeste Urena says:

Wow my old one was way better

mia wooz says:

i got totally lost on the arms… could you explain it to me more?

mckenna greenberg says:

Can u make any more animal videos?!?!

valeria barragan says:

That is amazing

Carol Schmidt says:

can you make a ring in one of your videos

Sam DeGarmo says:

i made mine orange and white. in the other tutorial u said we could

Dina Brooks says:

thanks you for showing how to do this! Please make more designs you are
very good

Clara Chaplin says:

Thank you sooooooooooooo much! I love it! <3

Mandy Wang says:

Yay I made it thanke Dana Lenz

Victor Rosales says:

how pretty, thank you for sharing Dana.

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