Rainbow Loom® Feather Bracelet

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This is an instructional video for how to make the Rainbow Loom® Feather Bracelet. Level: Advanced Graphics and Band Organizer are from The Loomatic’s Intera…


Rainbow Loom says:

Hello, Thank you for subscribing to the Official Rainbow Loom YouTube
Channel! We are re-releasing the Feather Bracelet instructional video. We
hope you like it!

Utamaru Nya says:

Can you make a cat charm or bracelet?

cloudylps says:

can u make tutorials on charms?

Julia Dobbie says:

Awesome! :D

Tien Ly says:

How did you get the pins in straight rows

Hellomynameisbrina says:

Since when do u double the extension bands?!

Maycie MSP says:

Hey. 🙂 Can you make the dragon scale bracelet on the rainbow loom?

Liz Meyers says:

Just wondering do you still have silver bands my friend really wants it. 

cutecute gigi says:

Ok thank u:)

sugar and spice says:

Love it

Sarah Curry says:

The bands on the side aren’t Turing out right idk why it keeps doing that

Hailey Moeller says:

Do you still sell gold rubber bands?

AG Lyssie says:

So easy I love it

Catherine DeLair says:

Well thanks for wasting my time because it was missing a step and my
bracelet fell apart

Claudia Febres says:

Make more bracelet’s

Laurence Salazar says:

Its so confussing!!!!!!!

Moustache411 says:

Rainbow loom, please do a rubber band tour of all of your bands
Thanks, Moustache

sarah smith says:

So cool!!!Im 1 of your biggest fans for rainbow loom.i have made a ton of
your bracelets and loved them!THANK YOU!

simply essence says:

you could not see the gray well but it was cool

Bill Moe says:


John Flatley says:

i love the videos and i really want to learn how to make a hexafish so if
you could make a video on it that would be awesome:D

Megan Velardi says:

hey Suzanne I have the book and on page 186 it gives instructions on how to
submit a design but the link wasn’t on the website. I was hoping u could
help me. Thanks

Dj suarez says:

Does it matter what side you start with?

angelica pena says:

Cant wait to try this

Aasta T. says:

This is cool

100% Horse Lover says:

Could u make one on a Dragon Scale

agrosepetal aj says:

My bracelet broke DX I’ll try again some day, also can anyone tell me where
you get gray and brown rubber bands? I can only find normal bands

Jose Bernal says:

where u get the fushia

kaitlyn floyd says:

This is a perfect bracelet for me because I am at a advanced level. I love
the colors on this bracelet

Splat260 says:

This is awesome

RilakkumaBear100 says:


Anna Louis says:

Can you do the bird of paradise bracelet?? 

Lolo Smiles says:

It was easy

Chloe Mcguire says:

I love it!!!!!!! Its awesome!!! Defintily liking this!!!!:-) 🙂 🙂 

Sriya Gandhi says:

I wish I had a loom like your if I did I would be so excited to make that

mars sdao says:

Really pretty

Mirta Olivas says:

That is cool

Rowan Janis says:


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