How to make a Rainbow Loom Double Cross Fishtail Bracelet HD

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Hi this is Olivia. I hope you like this video. I am showing how to make a Double Cross Fishtail. Hope you enjoy! Please like and subscribe! Check out my othe…


Olivia's Looms and Crafts says:

My new Zippy Chain video is now up! Thanks! Olivia

Erika Tinsley says:

I love your videos! Please make more!!!

Ned Evans says:

love your videos

Jennifer Bruns says:

Thx I needed help on this braclet

Nicole Lance says:

Awesome job on these videos!!! I can’t wait to see more videos!!!

Christine Blight says:

Great videos! Easy to follow directions. Keep up the good work!

Spongebob Squarepants... says:

Wow what a great video,hope you keep making more

Olivia's Looms and Crafts says:

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