Rainbow Loom Five Row Name Bracelet 1 LOOM no transfers – Pixel Letters and Numbers On Wrist

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www.justinstoys.com Copyright 2013 Justin’s Toys Name Template can be downloaded at http://www.justinstoys.com/name%20graph%20template.pdf Also, if your name…


TheBlueBerryArmy says:

Hey rob, can I make a video on this?

TheSkateKid154 says:

Ha my name is Robert

Kim Hong says:

How do you make the letters

Erik Slimařík says:

its fantastic

Rickelle H says:

posted on my bday

Sandra Cohen says:

What camera do you use rob??

Jeffrey Legay says:

this is hard but, good video

Crissy Boo says:

Very nice video I just love ur vids. I made the name Crissy

crafts108801 says:

can you maybe do a snake belly braclet on one loom??

silvermist220 says:

My letters turned out great. Thanks!

Michael Perez says:

can u tell me Rob?

Kathy Lam says:

Can u do it with 3rows?

ester ear says:

I made mine joy

305jazzygirl says:

How to do the name jazzy

Nora Bornshteyn says:

i wrote Avatar it was easy

Lyndsay Lampariello says:

I made mine !!!!! Everybody in my class is so jealous!!

KtkFriends says:

Hey Rob i was wondering if you can make my name because I’m having trouble
making it because i have different letters in my name than you. I’m Niyah

Talya U says:

At 508 he said fusha

MsCrazyCandy101 says:

I Still dont get it…The video is too long and i need it simpiler

Barbara Truicko says:


Juicyabby24 says:

What’s that supposed to be

Paige Locke says:

I made my name Paige!!

Sean Tavares says:

help me I don’t under srand how to do the letters

Ashley Taylor says:

how do you put the letters together on the paper

anthony ross says:

i wanna do the name ‘starlit” for my cousin but the s is hard. tutorial?

Marc Martinez says:

Is there a way to do the name marc

DoubleKIgirls KKI says:

How do u know the letters

Robert Welch says:

I have the same name

Derpy Hooves says:

I am making a sleeping with sirens one but it will have kellins name on it

Fun Loomer says:

Made mine it was fun ;]!

Muskan Narula says:


Kimberly Virula says:

I started my letters, messed up now I have to start all over again

Loomy Looms says:

Do the name Jessica

Diana Alvarez says:

You have a bad camera

epicmaddie says:

Wait isn’t his name justin

Paris Bird says:

The first color I am going to be using is foosha XD SOMEBODY PLZ MAKE A

Ansley Kate says:

Did the one you made say kir?

natalie bierdz says:

he said fusha twice!!! hehe

Maria Martin says:

Can you show me how to put the name into the rubber band bracelet with my
daughters name naturelle please 

Tiffany Nguyen says:

what does KIA meant

Tina Huddleston says:

Rob. Can you help me figure out how to make a minecraft diamond sword on a
pixel bracelet? 

suzie remarkar says:


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