How to make the triangle pattern rainbow loom bracelet

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In this video you will learn how to make a triangle patterned Rainbow Loom bracelet. Make sure your arrow is pointing forward when you first begin. She uses two colored rubber bands to make the triangle patterned bracelet.


Megan Andreson says:

Great vid, helped so much, THANK YOU!!!!

olenkaemily2008 says:

no, i sound really werid on camera lol

olenkaemily2008 says:

thank you i will try

olenkaemily2008 says:

999$ set?

olenkaemily2008 says:

yes they are there for decoration

Blake V says:

are u sick

4ever2sister says:

this is wrong when u hook u go to the side the right side but then u  do the step u did last which is pulling the rubber band on the right inward and then pull the green/purple in your case and pull it forward try it your way try it my way you will see the difference thanks

millerkopf says:

How come u have the 999$ set i have the rainbow loom

clarence jackson says:

are those rubberbands on the base removal there for decoration.

Hannah Muellenmeister says:


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