Rainbow Loom Charms: PEACOCK (on 1 Loom): How To Tutorial/ Design (DIY Mommy)

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“Rainbow Loom” Peacock Charm Design Tutorial. This Peacock Charm is time consuming to create, but it’s worth it. Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe to my …


DIYMommy says:

Here’s the Peacock Tutorial. I think she turned out beautiful. Hope you
like it :)

Michelle Ramirez says:


emily robinson says:

it is awesome you should try and make a hummingbird that would be really

Viana Rodrigues says:

Super cool

Susansback says:

It’s so cute I can’t stand it. I will be making tomorrow. thanks for

Michelle Ramirez says:

You should try a frog

Michelle Ramirez says:

He’s so cuteeee!

Emily Hill says:

I finished my peacock!! It was very hard on the tail, and very time
consuming but it turned out great!!! I love all of your animals, so keep
making them!! Thank you so much for all of the animals!!!

Jessica Lynch says:

Where did you find the green jelly bands? 

Lilly Ko says:

It’s very pretty, tried doing it and was only half way with the tail when I
realized I didn’t have enough green bands to finish so I need up taking it
apart :(

Rinka Tonsho says:

Please make a ballerina 

margatet Clevenger says:

Just finished making this; very pretty and a little challenging, It pays
off in the end,, so if your thinking of making this you should!! 🙂 thank
you for this tutorial 🙂 

Angelina Lu says:

It’s very pretty (but also very challenging). I had a bit of trouble but I
managed to make it! Yay!
Also, it would be nice if everyone stopped saying “first comment”.

Tiffany Cordero says:

OMG I love peacocks and rainbow looms perfect mix

Grey Wolf says:

Nevermind, I see! 

rainbow loomy says:

Very hard work, best animal looming channel.

Travail Allen says:

First comment 

Jakaila Hewitt says:


Kayla Garner says:


Rotten Crayon says:

It is 3D I think it is beautiful and great looking

Taylor Pannier says:

I just made this and it turned out beautifully! Thanks for the great

GlamourGlitterDraw says:

OMG wow that is amazing!!!! :O 

donna carver says:

That is pretty, but the jelly colors were hard to see what you were doing,
it is a very pretty.

Olivia Decoste says:

How many bands do you need

nataly gonzalez says:


Rubber Band Love says:

so cool but i dont have a loom that moves

MagicWithRubberBands says:

I love it! I haven’t made one yet but I’m probably going to do it later!
Thanks for the vids! :D

Alyssa Rose says:

OMG!!! I love it im totally going to make it thanks! 

Bonnie Wollet says:

Actually its a boy. Females do not have tails.

just looming says:


Chelsea Wilson says:

Omg I almost freaked out when my band broke!!!! I had to take it apart!
Might try another time

jenna duquette says:

your animals and charms just keep getting better and better i LOVE it.
sorry for asking but can u make a fox or a dinosuar. 

teresa lowe says:

its so pretty. i don’t have the right colors so imma have to wait on this

Bailey Hansen says:

Your so creative

Wolves Rock says:

thanks a lot mine turned out great

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