How to make an Escalator Rubber Band Bracelet

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This is the Escalator rubber band bracelet. I ran out of memory at the end, but I think most of you know how to clip the bracelet. If have any questions plea…


lneasterday32 says:

She got a rainbow loom for Christmas, so she will redo it on that loom.

superjen41 says:

so sorry about the mean comments the braclet came
out perfect thanks

Gaby show says:

U know this video just made me mess up

Emma Anderson says:

No of fence but this never worked. I’ve made hundred of rainbow looms so
far. so I have this stuff set down. you didn’t do something right, great
video tho! ~Emma

Lindsey Cogswell says:

That’s not a trick hillbilly

mackenzie oczkowski says:

Is the sides expose to stick out?

Cam Bam says:

AHHHHH I messed up but it wasn’t your fault. My computer started lagging
and then stopped right in the middle but it looked good until I took it off
and it got messed up. Other than that, I thought it was good. And again, it
wasn’t your fault, it was my computers fault

Mya Arnett says:

So detailed

Madison Barrier says:

You are annoying and u dont need to do 1 little video for like 30 minutes!

Nairoby Martinez says:

She is using my favorite color and it is pink

Allie Williams says:

It confused me but great good 

Romina garibay says:

I think it’s called a wonderloom

Roselena Nava says:

Awesome video did it in one try thanks so much for ur help :)

Thomas Murray says:

is this on bandaloom

Sami Jarvis says:

Not to be rude but it made me so mad that she went so slow you should try
to speed things up.

AJ Hammer says:

dont work

Daniela Ceja says:

i have the loom that you have

Kimberly Hunt says:

I have a rubber band loom its green

Reina Valenzuela says:


mb_lover_1 says:

I can’t do it I have a different loom than hers

Morgan Moses says:

I have the same loom that you have and mines a Wonder Loom so that’s what
yours is

Bryanna Canfield says:

For the border can it be a solid color

Jonnathan Abdiel Galloza says:

Nice bracelet :-)

Darryn Guzman says:

Nice job on the bracket I made it now I love it

Lindsey Cogswell says:

Hey I mack better videoes then you I have everything ready

Kylee Bacon says:

I was In the middle of doing this along with the video and a band broke
otherwise it is a great braclet. 

Lilliana Benitez says:

Im♥it im bying it Love Lilly

Wala Bing says:

When you messed up it made me mess up

Jasalyn Copple says:

I hate it 6 rubber bands broke so I starting all over then 4 more bands
broke so I was like screw iiiiiiiiiitttttt

Missy Elliott says:

Stop being mean, she tried her best. I bet you couldnt make a video like
that, keep your bad comments to yourself or next time I will report you. 

Rosa Rodriguez says:

what type of loom is that

Miranda Jasperson says:

Doesn’t work came apart when I took the bracelet off

Jarvis Thompson says:


Lyndon woodard says:


Gaby Vazquez says:

This is confusing because I have the rain bow loom

riku hartless says:

This is a different loom

Rainbow Loom says:

Cool I have a rainbow loom

trinitii roush says:

sorry i ment to press like

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