Rainbow Loom Triple Single

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New cool bracelet making with the rainbow loom.


Chelsey D says:

omg thank you sooooooooooooooo much i tried on other videos to make this braclet and could not i watched this ONE time and got it THANKS!!!!!!

sunflower102502 says:

I used my own way to finish

Vanessa Diaz says:

Hi can you make the camera more clear . When I did it was fine but when my friend did it something went wrong so can you help thank you.

Lauren Kent says:

Thanks I

MusicNerds02 says:

Are you a boy or a girl?

selenagmezallie21 says:

This was greAt

Camille Cupid says:

Rhombus because I watched a lot of people and they don’t explain it how u do plz

charlieeissoocollike says:

Where’s you get those packs of rubber ands?

Nyla Brea says:

I’m never gonna what your videos

Nyla Brea says:


Camille Cupid says:

You really help me thx

zach heintz says:

are u a girl because u sound alot like a boy any way i thought u sucked

singalisious2624 says:

wow! thank you so much! this really helped! ilysm! :*

Ashley Ruffo says:

can you explain the part beforeyuo take off the bracelet again pls

TheWaterfallMania says:

Could you make it without a loom?
Please Respond,

Gabriella Catania says:

U made me mess up can u tell me before the next step

Jennifer Hopkins says:

I messed up you need more detail I think

Claudia Barreto says:

Thank you it really worked

jenna brooker says:

Fish tale

2HeroChampion says:

Thank you this actually worked

Alex Farragut says:

All day ive looked at 7 videos on how to make these braclets and you were the first and only one that explained it well enough thank you so much

Janine Naylor says:

How do you the looping I need help on that

Christine Jacobson says:

Sorry, you can just watch the part where I do show it over and over, but I couldn’t make it longer because it would extend the time limit.

Christine Jacobson says:


Alysha DelVendo says:

im having trouble with the triangle part

Alexa Weres says:

Congrats on 100,000 views!

Jed Cohen says:

Can you stop fast forwarding? It was hard to catch up.

Stephanie Manzo says:

It’s blurry

Stephanie Manzo says:

Can you slow down I didn’t get it

Charlotte Hamster says:

ok paris your are like 16!!! look at that profile pic you r wayy older than this girl!!! how in mature r u? 1-100 i guess 1000

Phyllis Falcone says:

This is one of the best Rainbow Loom tutorials because you show all the tiny little details, such as the over/under. I can’t believe that you take the time to post this and then some people complain and insult you. People are unbelievable. Thank you for a great video!

Christine Jacobson says:

Sorry, there other people in the room talking and that was a message to them to stop talking. I didn’t mean to be offensive.

Christine Jacobson says:

The best place to buy it is on amazon.com it comes with 600 bands, a hook, and loom.

Christine Jacobson says:

Be sure to hold the end.

Mary Heneghan says:

i really need help at the end when you like add the the extension and take it off. when i took it off it just fell apart!!!!! this stinks cuz i spet like 20 minutes on it and imn not the only one who needed help with the end. every other part was perfect

Gabby Glaz says:

Your so good

Haley Withrow says:

thank u now i can do a triple u rock

Andrew Ashcroft says:

fuck this u suck, it just comes apart


i do not get the last hooking part for the last row onthe braclet

hoopchic483 says:

Same as the double-single….. I take it off the loom and it breaks. How do you do it?

Christine Stevenson says:

Thanks for teaching me but can you clear the camera

Gadomstyle says:

That’s a lot to do in it but it is hard

Daniela Botero says:

You did really good you helped a lot

tcg4u says:

ending need more detall

Keith Sponseller says:

can you also make the one on the end like the others?

aribrillz says:

Does she say in front of it really loud and obnoxious

aribrillz says:

11: 23 is it just me or Dow

Nicole H says:

Can you plzzz say were you got the tools to make that,like the rubber bands,the hook,and the rainbow loom.thx

gadamstyle says:

Great detail but kinda wavy

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