Rainbow Loom Double

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New and cool Rainbow loom! How to make a double bracelet.


julianqmatthews says:

Cool work out good for me.

Christopher Mainardi says:

who is that person that is whispering

patinatiful says:

Can u do the butterfly one??!!

sarah berardelli says:

Every body has this kit I am dieing to get one

Amber Vlogsa says:


Adam Blady says:

thanks a lot! my bracelet is just plain white and to try and fix it i had to cut rubber bands

oreogirl801 says:

Very nice video, it helped me a lot. I also think that it is interesting that you use SECRET deoderent, it is a very nice smelling product. — Tmac ( hi MO, AO )

hoopchic483 says:

I took it off the loom and the entire bottom half came off!!!!!

alexis bieber girlygirl says:

thank you really helped best videos for these bracelets yet!

Kylie Klavon says:

At least she tried! Some of you people are so rude. It’s not like your trying to make a video to help people so maybe you should just keep your mean little hands off the keyboard.

vilmagonzalez3377 says:

Thank you thst help me

Emani James says:

I can’t see it’s small

Niya Howard says:

This didn’t help at all

Lynden Clarke says:

Boring retard

DeadlyKeyDoesMC says:

who heard the voice in da back round lol

julia cav says:

aw you guys are so cute!

Sheri Jacobs says:

Love your videos

Pea Parks says:

Thanks I all ways wanted to do that

Sarah Borrero says:

Can u teach me how to do a snake pattern one

Gabriella Catania says:

Thanx it helped me out

isataa89 says:

I knew how to do this since i got my kit

Anthony James says:

sorry bitch

Emily Bassett says:

what would you say is the hardest bracelet

Protorres115 says:

I did the rite directions and when I finished it fell a part:(

blackhawks goalie says:

This helped a lot but there was one part at the end with the arrow where I couldn’t get the c-clip on

Aiyana Perry says:

This is not so difficult. Thank you for helping me

Gabriella McCoy says:

This is not difficult at all

Marcy Friedman says:

do you have other videos for more difficult styles?

dedodorat says:

Show your product first!!

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