Rainbow Loom Mixed Skin Tones Rubber Bands vs Loom Bandz Pastel Peach

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Made by Mommy discusses Rainbow Loom’s new “Mixed Skin Tone” Rubber Bands and compares them to the Loom Bandz Pastel Peach that has been the most popular ski…


Utamaru Nya says:

More reviews, please

Havya Patel says:

pleaseeee make starburstttttttttt

justinstoys says:

great review, I agree, the bottom left is too pink, makes a good color for
a pig though

Loom Power says:

well i think the should pack them sepret

imani phillips says:

this is my opioin spell check but micheacls is being really races by
makeing skin tone rubber bands

Jennifer Song says:

they are still selling caramel color. check rainbowloom.com

Aubrey Swift says:

I have been using metallic gold from the metallic pack.

OfficiallyLoomed says:

I honestly love your reviews, they’re so easy to understand, and you go
over all the concepts about the things you’re reviewing. Thank you for this

Cameron Cline says:

Where do you buy those cool skin tone mixed rainbow loom pack?!

infinitythree says:

I use the rainbow loom orange 

Jackie Jindra says:

I love your reviews…. I wish rainbow loom would package the skin tones in
one skin color too. It was a chore to separate them. I will miss the
caramel color. Did you see the metal hook they are coming out with? It
look likes fun. : )

Ian Buck says:

This was kinda boring i like the charms and braclets.

GlamourGirl13 says:

I would love more reviews and more information on we’re you get
rubberbands! I’m buying that mixed pack right now!! Thank you so much!

Aleah Duncan says:

Were do you gind the color brown and carmel

LFMKcreations says:

When will they discontinuing caramel??

Natalie Wright says:

Might get them.i need to make your crafty carol charm

Zuri Ruiz says:

I want you to make a bracelet that could spell your name on. I know that
made by pg already made one but you could make a different one. Slightly

Madison Vance says:

I also think that the bottom left is too pink. Pleas do more reviews

Ally Cat says:

lots of caramel bands on the rainbow loom website

TheLoomSisters says:

I like this
I think every time rainbow loom has a new color or combination you should
do this!
You are an expert

Cynthia Aguilar says:

dld you buy Burgandy in Michaels or the rainbow loom web store

Wonderstruckme gigi says:

More reviews!

Natasha Lam says:

Can u do a figure skate charm!?

Ducktapecrazy456 says:

I’m love the Carmel brown I’m sad that they are getting rid of it

Hannah Schmeling says:

I think you should do this kind of stuff more often

Samy L.A. says:

Have you been to A. C. Moore for rubber bands. I bought some there but I
got the mixed beaded rubber bands you should try them – Samy L.A.

Libby Ledvina says:

Is it ac Moore or ex Moore or what so I can buy some

Joe altieri says:

And what STORE

Carrie P. says:

I haven’t ordered the caramel

Cat Cookie says:

Dear Made by Mommy please continue to do product reviews. You are an
experienced and trusted source so please continue and thanks very much for
your thorough and informative review.

Linda S says:

i liked that video. it gave me a lot of advice on what i should buy. i
think you should make more of these videos

EliseG79 says:

Thanks for the info. Just a heads up “TutorialsbyA” is the niece of the
rainbow loom creator and her parents own and run the rainbow loom website.

Mrs. Pamela Palmer says:

I bought 6000 rubber bands from rainbow for like 27 bucks it was way
cheaper then the sale sale 3 for 5 that most stores have and it’s twice the
rubber bands because the bags from the store only carry 300 and rainbow
sells them in 600 so rainbow loom is the better deal for most of the rubber

Vi G says:

Mommy thank you for this review. I really needed to keep up to date on all
things loom. I don’t always have the time to go find info on my own but
watching a quick video of refrences and examples helps. Thank you again.

Zoe Scott says:

Please make more videos like this i find it very informing! Thanks I love
your videos!

Bean Heller says:

I love your review it was great so keep doing it and I agree I haven’t
begin a bill to use that color but i love it and I want you to tell them
that they need to make a rainbow colored bands because it would look
amazingly cool.

Russell Odor says:

It’s actually part 2 of the rubber band slingshot sorry

Kylee Burgess says:

The bottom left can be used as a natural blush I have natural blush that is
pink so yeah

Hailey Zackiewicz says:

Where do you get your brown or skin tone rubber bands, everywhere I go
there are not there!?!?!?!

Sydney Wright says:

More reviews please I loved this 

Tammie Beal says:

keep me updated i can always use exstra eyes,ears,and more info thxs for
sharing please continue love love the charms as far as the pink skin tone
that might work for cheeks lol

roetaylor22 says:

This could be a once a month type thing that way you can keep your
subscribers interested I was interested in this but for the other times of
the month you can do bracelets and charms and figurines and such.

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