Rainbow Loom Charms : OLAF “frozen” Charm : How To Design Tutorial

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“Rainbow loom”.”Rainbow loom charms”. “rainbow loom bracelets”. It is Olaf charm. Learn rainbow loom bracelet and charms having different “rainbow loom desig…


Madelyn Rader says:

Do you wonna build a snowman?!

BestChannel4Kids says:

@Malia Baugh — Make it when you are completely free. then you will enjoy
making as well as the result…..

Adeline Spata says:

mine fell apart because I could not understand a word you said!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa Brel says:

Make the arms slightly smaller, then itt should be good

deborah harrison says:

i can hear perfectly fine! She’s speaking english

Chancilyn Jensen says:

Relly cool

be happy yolo says:

Good just talk waaaaay louder i cant hear a thing and my volumes at the max

Lydia Dunn says:

I love frozen I wish we cool make Anna and Elsa. 

Mariana Colin says:

U suck because I can’t understand u

Pedro Rodriguez says:

I would like to do olaf but i dont have the kit

Kela52 says:

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the time you put into making this
video and working out his design! Such detail…. He is adorable! I think
I did very well for my first time. I have to figure out how to keep his
arms from falling. I think because I didn’t use the stronger bands, this
is why it happened. I’ve noticed that in other projects I’ve made. I
think you did an excellent job of OLAF! Love it!
Kathy a nana in IL

Journey Gammond says:

thanks worked good :)

melimel41546 says:

Good job. This is the best one. Looks jus like him. 

Frederick Kerswill says:


DreamLvrNY says:

He’s adorable! You’re design is awesome! I’m impressed at how much he looks
like Olaf! He must have been tough to figure out. But you nailed it very
well! Thanks so much for making this! I can’t wait to make him 🙂 

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