Rainbow Loom GIVEAWAY! NEW Naming Contest

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Hi everyone! Here it is THE GIVEAWAY! So many of you have been asking when we will do our next giveaway so here is it! This is a naming contest for a new bra…


Jeremy Juror ski says:

The zig zag blast, the v line, or the zig zag roller coster. hope u pick
one of mine

Esther Yang says:

Twisty twirl

BerryCharms says:

Wiggly squiggly, Loopedy-Loop, splish-splash waves good luck to everyone :)

TheMoonlightlove123 says:

Rainbow wave, stitching or clips

Eri Leanne says:

Squirmy Wormy
Squirming worm
The Squiggle bracelet

Beaner kitten says:

Double swirly wirly

Olivia Leemon says:

My mom says, chug a chug a loom loom

KeannoFausto says:

Swirly mirley twist and frilly willy and monkey fronkey kearra

karine diaz says:

Fish chain

Christyn Nicolas says:

Double single dingle sorry I really wanted four,but you don’t have to
include it, it’s just another suggestion 

Jodi Stetser says:

Zigzag snake

Sqiguly snake tail

Snaky rainbow lake

Becca Smith says:

1 crazy fishtail
2 caged wonders
3 rainbow twist

dudman091 says:

My name is luli
1. Fishtwist

Rachael Chua says:

swirly twist, roller fishtail, zig zag fishtail. :)

Brianna Capria says:

Twisty wisty worm or slimmy snake

supermario logan says:

Waves galor

Jelilat Elias says:

When’s the deadline to enter names..? 

rafelthemexicanrainbow says:

The twirly tail

Brianna Jo says:

The rainbow zig-zag 

Jessica Eivers says:

It reminds me of a snake, I think sidewinder bracelet would be cool.
The elliptical bracelet
or the crooked fish bracelet

erin woodward says:

Rainbow swirl
Rainbow twist
Dragon tail

Tarah Villaruz says:

Zigzagged chain 

Kiran Jhally says:

My name is Kiran

Kimberly Briones says:

Rainbow fishtail snake
Rainbow snake

Haley Edwards says:

Swerve-a-licious twirl

brittloves gymnastics says:

Or the snake trap

Sophie Milton says:

Double twist

katrina orencia says:

Triple Rainbow

Natalia Lemus says:

1.Twisty snake chain
3.crazy twist fish
My name is Natalia :)

Nici Yun says:

zigzag tail

corky harris says:

swirly twist

mya j says:

the the fish chain

NudgingCharlie13 says:

Love the bracelet! My three names are
1. Multi moguls
2. Double ocean waves.
3. Rainbow roller coaster 

cristiana pinheiro says:

twisted tantrum
ziggy wiggy
twist mist

Cassandra Aragon says:

Sorry my three names are…
The raggity twist
Twist tastic magic
The wonder snake

Rin Cat cake says:

Twisty palace

Gabbi Tan says:

Side to side bracelet

MJPtutorials says:

Twisted snake 

Jason Baker says:

1) Wirly Twirl 2) Roller Coaster Twist 3)Caged Rainbow Tracks

Amy Valdez says:

I forgot to tell you the names are the same as the first post.

alondra301 says:

Fishtale wave 🙂
Cool vibeeeee 🙂
Single fishtale wave 😀
Hope i win im new to rainbow loom and i have wonder and fun 🙁 my family
having family probs so i hope i can win this amazing offer i just want a
rainbow loom so bad 🙁
Teacherspet3018 or alondra301

Ronnie Schroeder says:


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