Rainbow Loom Double Capped Dragon Scale Advanced Bracelet

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This rainbow loom bracelet was submitted to me by Cameron instagram/_rainbowloomco_ and inspired by Cheryl Mayberry. It is a variation of the dragon scale br…


sandro looms says:

hi rob can you tell me how this hoke is called in ebay please ??

Andey McFarlin says:

Rob, your email is not working. I am replying about my order #2006. You
are short on the tie dye bands and were offering glitter tie dye as a
substitute. I’ll take those, thank you.

Victoria Truong says:

Does it take up TONS of elastics???

Apple Loomer says:

When is the giveaway winners

The Loominator says:

Sorry, my bad, mine is created with SINGLE bands capped. I believe yours is
single bands capped on the outside then on the middle it is double bands

Noemi Sosa says:

nice vid,but where did u bi ur hook and how much did it cost

Luke Carlson says:

That is cool.

ariana rainbowloom says:

Your so awesome

rivi finkelstein says:

How much the hook is cost?

Hopefullylps says:

Could you do the six or ten version? It goes wider than the four.

Mindy Dilg says:

Hello to who ever is receiving this messege I am not seeing the metal
rainbow loom hooks on your web site and I was just wondering if you guys
had an more of the metal hooks. if you do could you please get back to me
and tell me what colors you have and how much they are thanks

simon k says:

Nice hook

Alana Ndlovu says:

You talk way to quiet :(

Therese Magpayo says:

How did you get the new hook???

Sophia Grace says:

if you are using a rainbow loom hook

Amy Valdez says:

What happen to you another hook

Nipun Verma says:

cool but pretty darn hard to make try making a simpler dsign and when will
you post your next video

MAD LIV says:

I love ur videos. U go at the perfect speed

Tanya Pant says:

Love the design

Matt Carozza says:

I saw you can get a rainbow loom super pack on ur website but is there a
way I can just get 1 rubber band

김승진 says:

What is the hook called pls answer

Jack Warner says:

O ok thanks!

Jada Richards says:

Where did u get that hook

RMANG0DaGamer says:

While capping the bands on this bracket it kinda hurt my index finger on my
left hand and I love this design.

Diana Hathaway says:

More Videos on Rainbow Loom!

omar kadri says:

I saw this on Instagram,so cool!

Selena Yuan says:

Can your hook break?

Kitten Looms says:


Isabella Vaquera says:

I made one

amanda cabrera says:

I did this over a month ago. While tring to create the “heart of the
dragon” that I submittted to tutorialsbya. I just figured its not worth
reporting as its just a dragonscale with cap bands but that twist for
perfectionism is unique.

LindseyGuru14 says:

I’m going to make this once I get more rubber bands : )

zainab habib says:


Skyfall says:

When does the book come out?

avenelmd says:

What kind of hook are u using?

morgansloomlife says:

Isn’t the giveaway/guess the number of bands thingy ending today?

Cutiecake Anne says:

U can buy the hook on the rainbowloom website

daniel leybengrub says:

where can u get that hook

Elson Wong says:

Where do you get the metal hook

nakedpup says:

What happens if a band snaps

C Kelly says:

Just made one and it turned out great! I love it! I really like the way
you turned the outside blacks opposite of each other! Great “twist”.

Vincent Tarvin says:

You should make a sigh that says rainbow loom out of rubberbands

Tara Morrison says:

so for my guess of the bands are 2,000

gata taz says:

I took it a step further and made one on 6 pegs! 🙂 Thanx so much for the

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